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Welcome to Kinex Development

This site is mainly focused on my project Visia Compiler. It is a native x86 compiler for the Windows 32 platform. It is fully written in Visual Basic. But compiles directly into machine code without the need of any runtime libraries or other dependencies. It is more like an High Level Assembly Language and includes a built in linker for PE-Executables. There are no external tools needed.



09 February 2018
After years this site is online Again. New Visia Compiler 2018 is now available.

24 January 2006
4.8.7 is now available. There are several fixes and improvements:
- Dword arrays should be fixed.
- "with" directive
- property get/set
- rewrote types (not complete yet)
- label directive is now only "Name:"
- bytes ident [0,0,0,0,@,0,0,0,0];
- Relation fixes (I hope ..)
- Tiny code optimizer + optimations on compares
- IDE changes
- Loop Statement

14 January 2006
Uploaded now 4.8.6 of Visia Compiler and source
I hope you like it. Several bugs were fixed with
locals and for loops. new statement loop. Again
new graphics for the IDE. Also Parser speed improvements. Compiling process is at least 40%
faster now.
11 January 2006
Linley is now known as Visia Compiler. I will make the downloads available soon at this time you can look at the forum where "prereleases" are posted. Update: Binary can now be download at the download section. Source will follow soon if I cleaned it up.

07 January 2006
New 4.8.3 released now with real fix for the single data type. Some other improvements made such as Project Tree improved, direct directive, local singles and some improvements on the expression evaluator. Should run more stable as I cleaned up some old values.

26 December 2005
Released the new 4.8 with better linker new powerfull IDE and now you can create Dynamic Link Libraries. New site about Linley Compiler is up now. There are some several tiny fixes. Also It should run more stable right now. Executable size is now very little. Also the expression evaluator is fixed now. 4.8 is the last release before 5.0 which fixes most issues of 4.5.

14 November 2005
New site about Linley Compiler is up now.. Linley is beeing rewritten and if it is realeased it will be Linley XPE because there are many new features and the linker is right now 100% better than the old one ;)

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